Customer Companies

Hope Haven Inc.
"With deregulation it has been very hard to keep up with which company is serving which area, much less where the best price can be found. You (TCS) have consistently helped us put together a package that provides the service we desire with a reasonable price."

Duane Obbink
Chief Financial Officer
Hope Haven Inc.

Hope Haven is a non-profit corporation based in Rock Valley, IA with multiple offices located in IA, MN and SD. They specialize in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children and adults. TCS provides the services and resources necessary to effectively manage their telecom expenses for over 40 locations, resulting in savings of 30-40%. To find out more about Hope Haven go to www.hopehaven.org.

Van Wyk, Inc. OTR Transportation
"TCS responds quickly and efficiently to the needs of Van Wyk OTR transportation. The personal attention they offer to our company, in answering questions and resolving any problems quickly, allows us to focus on running the business."

Van Wyk Trucking is a nationwide carrier with a fleet size of 185 power units, and is located in Sheldon, IA, with branch offices in Waynesboro, VA, Great Bend, KS and Fairmont, MN. TCS was able to combine billings for these offices, while still showing an itemized detail of individual costs, resulting in savings of over 30%. To find out more about Van Wyk OTR Transportation visit www.vanwyk.com.

Maintainer Corporation
Maintainer Corporation, located in Sheldon, IA is one of the largest manufacturers of customized mechanics service truck bodies and lube truck bodies, and extendable boom cranes. After consulting with them not only on the type of phone system they had, including line quantity and capacity, we were able to increase their capacity to make and receive calls, while reducing their telecom expenditures by 40%.
To find out more about Maintainer Corporation visit them at www.maintainer.com.

Link Manufacturing
Link Manufacturing, located in Sioux Center, IA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of innovative products for the transportation industry. Because TCS is a premier agent for over 40 national telephone and data companies, we were able to provide them with a product that reduced their local and dedicated services by over 40% and provided them with an agency that provides personal service and periodic reviews of their account to make sure the services they are receiving are still meeting the current and future needs of the company. To find out more about Link Manufacturing visit them at www.linkmfg.com.

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