Nationwide options in voice, data, Internet, and conferencing services

TCS has a preferred relationship with over 40 of the industry's top carriers, and is able to adapt to any fluctuation in the market. Whether you are looking for Internet, data, local, long distance, or audio, web, and video conferencing services, TCS not only has cost-effective solutions, but will help you determine the best option. By reviewing and recommending the many different choices among the industry's best carriers, TCS provides a truly consultative service to each of their clients.

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Voice Solutions
Products that deal with Local service, Long Distance service, and Toll Free service

Data Solutions
Products that require the transfer of information over private networks to multiple locations

Internet Solutions
Products that provide dedicated access to the Internet

Voice Solutions
Includes audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing

Expense Management
Telecom Auditing and Expense Management

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